About This Place

This site portends (pretends) to be an open and honest affiliate marketers resource. Gambling affiliates and poker affiliates. Main stream retail affiliates. Affiliates of all kinds are welcome here. (Pay close attention to the keyword stuffing, your first subtle lesson) A place where the wisdom on the ages will be spewed forth in irreverent style lacking all respect that the so called pundits think they are owed. It is NOT for the thin skinned or faint of heart. If calling someone an asshole bothers you, or worse, YOU being called an asshole bothers you, then I suggest you move on along to one of the other sites that will spoon feed you what you want to hear just so you will maybe click on their banners. We have, or will have banners so feel free to click them if you find the item of use but I wont starve if you don’t ;)

The ‘wisdom of the ages’ started a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. No wait, that line belongs to Lucas and he would sue my ass so I would need the banner clicks. Most who read this probably didn’t even realize they had a playground between their legs yet and others were still a gleam in daddys eye. Marketing was done on USENET. There was no ebay, amazon, scripts to do the work for you like there is now. Make a post of what you wanted to sell or the auction you were running and manually follow up with buyers 1 at a time and keep track of all the bids as they came in. Post Its® covered the vast majority of your screen space. Back then you could just about surf every website on the net in the course of 1 weekend. Most were edu and military. A 300 baud acoustic modem and programs, very poor and user unfriendly programs with musical names like Trumpet, Saxaphone and Trombone were our tools of the trade and pretty much everyone started out selling sports cards.

Not only will you find affiliate information here, you will probably stumble upon psychopathic rants and raves. Vents of all kinds. Political, celebrity, them so called pundits again, TV commercials and anything else that finds its way from my AADD brain to my fingers.

The site is a work in progress. It will not just ‘arrive’ filled to the rim with all kinds of golden goodies. Stuff will change, things will be broke while I ‘test/play’ with different themes, widgets and add ons. Maybe even put up a real logo. English is my first language but don’t expect perfection. If you can read english at the 5th grade level then you should have no trouble figuring out what was said. If you are a conspiracy theorist, well then you will never know what I really meant :) I have decided to use and hopefully learn, the Studio Press WP framework so changes and errors will far outweigh content during the early years. As for the content origins, it will fall under:  I wrote it, a guest poster wrote it, its paid content or because I have over 2 million files on my PC according to my weekly scan and I ‘ran across it’.

In case there was any doubt, or you really are one of the 2-3 people who don’t know me, this is the unofficial blog of Jackpot Media. That is why you currently see the JPM Facebook page likes. Maybe someday I will break this off on it’s own but with 4 FB pages, 11 Twitter accounts, 50+ websites and more in development, it wont be anytime soon.

Why call it Take My Shoes you ask? Well a few reasons but for now we will just go with because eatmyshorts.com was already taken.