KEWL. We got a killer portal/blog/website with a great domain name and it’s sitting on the slickest server we could find. Tic, tic, tic…………….

So where’s the ^%$!@#$@# traffic?

Well they are out there, and the ARE looking for you, but unless you are pumping mega bucks into your marketing then they just can’t find you. And like they say, if your doing it in the dark, only you know you are having a good time, but no one else does.

So you have to submit the site to the search engines. Before you do, make sure the site is really ready. TITLE, DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS (which in the <head> are all but ignored these days) all in the nice little META TAGS search engines love. Now we do not intend to reinvent the wheel with this section. Just point out a few of the highlights and point you to places where you can find more information about this topic then you really wanted to know. There are terrabytes of information out there on the net to tell you how, where and when to submit your site. LEARN IT. Or at least as much as you can. It is a simple matter of economics. Would you like to be #1 in a search engine that you took the time to learn about and get all the corresponding traffic for free, or would you rather pay for every stinkin’ click that you get for the rest of your natural born life?

I will assume the former.

This is very simple to do. Go to each of the search engines you want to get listed in and submit INDIVIDUALLY. You will be so much the better for it you will dance in the streets. I know it is time consuming, but we already know, a business on the net isn’t as easy as they say. And forget the super submitters. You know the drill. The ones who will ‘hand submit’ your site to 32,985,937,523 search engines for $19.95. Again, I still have that bridge. They are scams. There aren’t 2 dozen search engines worth the time it takes to submit and the traffic from all the other tens of thousands wont amount to 1% of the traffic from a Yahoo or Google. You can buy the same program that these so called ‘experts’ use to submit your site on the web for less than $100 so if you want to, just buy the program and do it yourself. There are also websites that have very decent submission programs on the web. Free too, so don’t pay for something you do not need to. Your bottom line will thank you someday. Use the resources at the bottom, especially the first on the list. Almost everything you need to know about your site and the search engines will be there.


Well that’s what most will have you think. All I can say is BS.

Look, I am an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization¬† ) specialist, so is my grandma as is the neighbors poodle. Why? Because you don’t need anything to be one, just say you are and you am one. Some of these velvet tongued devils must think it’s brain surgery because they quote prices like a doctor. Some even like to call themselves ‘consultants‘. Must be an ego thing caused by a traumatic experience in the school shower after gym class.

The only reason they get it is because someone is gullible enough to pay it or too lazy to take the time to do it themselves. It takes time, it takes practice, but when you get it, it’s yours to keep since it is knowledge you learned and not a service you paid for. And lets be honest here, there are only 10 sites that are TOP 10 and hundreds of shiesters claiming that they will get you there. Do the math. Even 10 divided by only 10000 sites should scream SCAM to you.

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