Waaaaaa Waaaaaa they stole my………………………


Doesn’t matter what, feel free to fill in your own object. Article, website, graphic, style (my personal fav). You can find someone throwing a tantrum like a two year old in some forum somewhere almost everyday. While I can almost relate, I rarely agree with it. So many affiliates waste so much time looking to see if anything they ever did has a violatation copyscape someplace out on the web.

“Oh look, I used the word “the” 6 times and so did that person.

“That site has the same ‘style’ as mine and I have been ripped off”

“OMG I have a copyright notice on my blue site and you stole the color blue”

I bet in the course of a week I look at a thousand sites and to be honest, they all look alike after a while.  I am sure somewhere in the back of my mind I may have even seen something that I liked in my years of surfing and put the idea on a site of mine with no malice intended, just the way humans are. You may remember something you liked, but not that you have seen it before. Look TT (terrible twos), if you build a site using say WordPress and say oh, 20 million other people do also and at best you have 6-8 widget spots somewhere there is going to be a few (thousand) sites that look like yours. I seriously doubt you are decended from Michaelangelo or Rembrandt and your creativity will be like the vast amount of other people out there, just plain old average.

I read a blog about this, and IT made me create this very original post :) It takes my feeling a step or 2 further. Not sure I agree with it all but I don’t disagree with it either.

Give it a read HERE and then see what a moderate I really am ;)

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