Get Up And Go Outside

Yes that strange place you here whispers about coming from the other room….OUTSIDE. Just make sure you take a web enabled mobile device with you.


Seems that the mobile bandwagon is coming back into town and this time it looks like it’s here to stay. Well at least I hope so this time. I built my first mobile site back in 2008 when the band was on tour back then. Everyone was all hot and bothered over a mobile web and the world was going to toss their PCs out the window and surf, shop and play on the small screen. Well they didn’t and I guess the little blue pill wore off because it was just a matter of months before no one even wanted to use the words ‘mobile web’ and they all had a smoke and rolled over and went to sleep.


NOW fast forward to today and specifically the last few weeks and the mobile army seems larger and louder than ever. And this time, they are right. You heard it here first :)


Not only has their been major improvements on mobile devices, The incredibly slow speed of yesteryear has now been replaced with 4G and it’s faster than some of you even have in your homes and offices. Add to that the  juggernaught that is Apple rocked the world with the iPhone and iPad and like them or hate them, it has changed the way of the web world forever. Social networking has become so addictive, along with the games, that most wont even consider venturing away from the home without a mobile security blanket so they can stay on top of their friends and relatives via for Facebook, Twitter and text messaging. Nobody talks anymore. It has become a tap, tap, tap, tap world and that is increasing with every new social doo dad that hits the market. Amazon with their ‘reader’ has just registered so domains that include the words ‘Kindle’ and ‘Social’. Gee I wonder what that could mean :O Even Disney is putting together a social network for the rug rats making sure their is a free supply of tappity tappers for the future.

So what does that mean for affiliates? Well it means that a growth in the user population also means a growth in the shopper, gaming, gambling, poker playing, dauber dabbing population too. Right now it really is in it’s infancy and if you are still kicking yourself for not buying MS stock at $5 when it came out, now is your chance to get in on the ground floor. It isn’t very often you get a second chance and a ‘first’ new big thing but this is it. According to Google, mobile searches for ‘school supplies’ is up a whopping 500% this season and more people than ever before are searching for handheld electronics FROM handheld electronics.


Start searching for as much GOOD information you can find on mobile marketing. There are groups starting to form on various social sites and forums. If you aren’t using Google Analytics yet for whatever reason, suck it up and use them. They have added mobile metrics to the script and you can no easily see and track your visitors to see who are mobile visitors, what type of device they arrived on and what they did. I have been amazed looking at my stats the amount of people who are surfing and dealing with ‘normally’ designed websites on their mobiles.


And this time I drank the full glass of Koolaide. In the past 2 weeks I have added mobile versions to 2 of my sites and added a new ‘mobile only’ website and have plans to add at least 2 more in the very near future. At the very least it is kinda nice building websites that are not based on large flashing graphics to fill space. Mobile sites need to be very little sizzle and all steak to be effective but thats another topic for another day.


Here are a few links to some of the latest Google affiliate information so you can see for yourself just what you will be missing as an affiliate if you stay with the world is flat crowd. This type of information has filled my inbox for the last few weeks from MANY aff proggies, so it’s not just Google. I picked on them because theirs was the latest email in front of me.


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