Enough is ENOUGH, the System WORKS

Jeez I am soooooooooooooooooo tired and burned out watching all these Walmart dressed fat assed cows with really bad hair dye marching around the courthouse carrying signs that they probably aren’t literate enough to read.

CASEY ANTHONY is INNOCENT. You know how I know that?

The jury said so and I believe that the jury system in this country works.

I wasn’t in the courtroom to get any of the facts to know any different and neither were these marching morons. They were probably home sitting on the couch eating Cheetos and picking dingle berries off their asses. They watched an army of so called experts and pundits who have spent the last few years convincing this army of troglodites that there is no other explanation other than that she is guilty. The cliche ‘bubble headed bleach blondes’ and aging dudes that forgot that shoe polish is for shoes and not their hair are thinking that they are actual reporters rather than just talking heads and speak with authority to the weak minded masses that unfortunately believe them.

Hey marching, crying, sign carrying idiots. Do you know more than 17,000 people are murdered EVERY year in the US? Where is your outrage for them?

Oh wait, it wasn’t on the Tee and Vee so you didn’t know that :(

You want to rage about something. Try raging about the fact that your unborn grandkids are already over $40K in debt and they didn’t even buy their first comic book yet but my guess is that the ‘ragers’ don’t care much about paying their bills.

The system we have may not be perfect but it is millions of miles ahead of letting ilk of this kind decide the future, guilt or innocence of anyone.

Now turn the channel and go back to watching your soaps.

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